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1 Year


Toddlers, ages one to two years, love books that they can hold, carry around their home, and take with them on car rides. They enjoy books that have children, families, and animals in them, as well as shapes and colors. They also enjoy books that have a few words on each page, especially words that repeat and rhyme! Click for our top reading tips for toddlers.


Around age one, babies begin walking and transition into the toddler stage. This can lead to tantrums as they try to balance their competing wants of independence and feeling safe. During this phase, they also learn to talk. Throughout the toddler years, it is important to support your child, be responsive, and play with them as much as possible. 


Being informed about television and screen time can help parents decide when and how to utilize it. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children not watch television until the age of two. For children over two, the recommendation is one to two hours each day. Learn ways to maximize the value of the screen time together.