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2 Years


Read Aloud! Reading to your child at a young age can help prepare them to become an excellent reader. When you read aloud to your child, they learn how to hold a book, turn the page, look at pictures, and identify words. Learn more about reading out loud together.


Young toddlers are curious and ask lots of questions! How a parent responds is so important. Rejecting questions may stop their curiosity and creativity, whereas asking your child to help find the answer can help their brainstorming and research skills. Here’s some tips on how to respond to your curious child.


Between age two and three, a child’s thinking skills continue to grow significantly. To support their growth, you can support pretend play, put on dress-up clothes to act out stories, ask questions, offer chances to explore, talk about feelings, test out different solutions to problems, and find patterns in your everyday routines. Learn how play helps develop a child’s thinking skills.