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3-6 Months


It is never too soon to start reading with your baby! Newborns, ages zero to six months, enjoy a variety of books in a variety of settings: waterproof books at bathtime, cardboard books with bright colors at playtime, and soft books with large pictures at bedtime. Here are some parent reading tips to help get you started. Also, our community’s libraries have excellent children’s departments. Find a library near you.


Between four and seven months, your baby’s social skills and cognitive thinking continue to develop. Your child should have fun playing with friends and family, be interested in mirrors, understand facial emotions, look happy often, use their hands and mouth, and want unreachable toys. Find more developmental milestones here.


When you play with your child, they are gaining important life skills. Your child is learning social and emotional skills, developing confidence, and building long-lasting relationships. Play, laugh, and learn! Find some age-appropriate play tips here.