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3 Years


Toddlers, ages two to three, enjoy books that have their favorite characters in them, as well as books that introduce new lovable characters. They also enjoy books with simple stories that are easy to memorize. Re-reading and memorizing books help build your child’s literacy skills.

Nurture your child’s literacy skills by taking them to the library; reading together often; creating a cozy nook in your home for looking at books alone and together; playing rhyming and language games; pointing out words wherever you go; and providing plenty of reading and writing materials for your child to use and enjoy.


Toddlers can sometimes become irritable for a variety of reasons, including being tired, hungry, or worried. When parents stay calm and try to problem-solve, this can help their children calm down. Count to 10 first, if that helps! Here are some more tips for helping comfort a fussy toddler.


Children learn when they are having fun, so it is helpful to make math, language, and social activities enjoyable. Consider visiting one of United Way’s Born Learning Trails – they turn a visit to the park into an educational moment.

Examples of engaging activities include counting jumping jacks, telling a story, reading a favorite book aloud, and playing “Simon Says.” To find more activities visit this link.