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6-9 Months


Literacy starts at birth and develops over the years. It involves speaking, reading comprehension, and listening, not only reading and writing. As a parent, you are helping to develop your child’s literacy in everything you say and do with them. Click for our top reading tips for infants.


Communication is a life skill, and parents can help with the development of communication in their young children. To help develop communication skills, respond to your baby’s gestures, talk and listen, build on language skills by asking questions, recognize feelings, read together, narrate your motions, talk at an age-appropriate level, and be a good role model. Find out how to support your child’s communication skills.


Your baby is constantly developing! At seven months, your baby should be able to “roll both ways, sit with and without support of hands, support the whole weight on legs, reach with one hand, transfer objects from hand to hand, and use raking grasp.” Find more developmental milestones here.